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Customer Providing Alligator & Other Exotic Hunted Skins

If you have been on a hunt or have acquired a footwear-grade hide somewhere we can use it to build you a variety of leather goods. For American alligators, we recommend that the fitting process be done while the skin is at the tannery. This allows for overlapping wait times common in the tanning and boot building process.

When wanting to only build dry leather goods such as wallets or belts a "glazed" finished is preferable. When building western cowboy boots and dry goods a "matte" finished skin is preferable.  The belly side of the skin is preferable to all products we build at Parker Custom Boots.

Alligator skins of all sizes are welcome. If the alligator is below 30-35cm in width at the belly, then two will be required for a single pair of boots. Alligators 40-45cm and above will usually accommodate a single pair out of one skin.  Anything bigger can usually yield multiple pairs from one skin.  

We do not guarantee any skin provided by exotic hunts. We will inspect and test each skin upon arrival to ensure quality before starting the process.

(We proudly partner with American Tanning & Leather)

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