The history of the Cowboy Boot is miles long, full of barbed wire fence and the wear and tear from clinging spurs. Yet it is this history that draws many from all walks of life to pull on the most iconic piece of American fashion- The Cowboy Boot.

From John Wayne to Johnny Cash, this history of grit and guts has kept the polish on the boots of both the cowboy in the saddle and the lawyer in the courthouse. Western wear is a token of American style, a fashion contribution that has made it's way around the world! A style and fashion made right here, Deep in the Heart of Texas!

Inspired by this American history, Parker Boot Company began its journey. Owner and boot-maker Zephan Parker, along with his wife and children, travelled around Texas to some of the greatest boot-shops in the world, intent on learning the art of creating custom cowboy boots. From the Kimmel Boot Company in Central Texas to the Wheeler Boot Company in Houston, Texas- Parker was fortunate enough to learn from some of the best custom boot-makers alive, and has instilled the same integrity, quality, and craftsmanship in his own company, Parker Boot Company.